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Poisons are the unique profession in the game due to their limited availability, purpose, and ease of leveling. Poisons themselves are a consumable that is applied directly to a main and off hand weapon.

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Did I mention that every required material to create poisons can be purchased from a vendor? Each new rank requires a higher skill level, but makes the poison more potent.

While the quest does become available at level 20, you probably won’t be strong enough to finish it by yourself. Once you reach level 24, you’ll unlock another quest that allows you to purchase poisons directly from a vendor.

Each faction has a different quest to complete, look for either the Horde or Alliance section below. The Alliance quest line is short and easy, although you might have issues killing a level 24 elite in the second quest.

Go the SI:7 Headquarters in Storm wind to speak with Master Mathias Shaw. Climb the tower until you run into Eleven, a level 24 elite humanoid.

If you’re level 24 or higher, you can sap Eleven and open the chest without killing him. Head back to Master Mathias Shaw in Storm wind.

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You can complete the next, option quest: Touch of Anvil to cure it, or ask a priest to dispel you. The Horde quest line is much tougher, and you’ll likely need help to kill a level 23 elite midway through.

Most of the quest takes part in The Barrens, but you’ll also need to travel to Hills brad Foothills to finish up. Don’t forget to level your lock picking up to at least 70, so you can open Gallows’s lockbox.

Head to the northeastern part of The Barrens to reach The Sludge Fen. Head back to Sheath in Grammar to turn in the quest.

Head to Warren Mill in Hills brad Foothills to speak with Serge Hints. Alternatively, they can be collected from junk boxes you’ll find whilst pick pocketing.

You will get access to poisons at Level 20, after you complete the quest Mathias and the Defies (for Alliance) or Mission: Possible But Not Probable (for Horde). As Alliance, you will use this on both your weapons, and as Horde, you will only use it on your Off-Hand to benefit from Wind fury Totem, granted by Shamans.

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Crippling Poison should be on both your Main Hand and Off-Hand, which will help you slow your target, thereby preventing an escape. In order to work with Wind fury Totem, you do not want to use Instant Poison IV on your Main-hand.

To better understand how to play with Poisons in Eve and PVP, please read our Rogue guides. In this article, we are going to talk about the use of Rogue Poison and how to get them for Horde and Alliance.

When a poisoned weapon strikes an enemy it has a chance of applying a rebuff that damages, slows, or otherwise hinders the enemy, depending on the poison applied. Poisons do not stack with other temporary weapon effects such as a blacksmith’s Sharpening Stones or Weight stones or alchemist’s oils.

The Alliance quest line is short and easy, although you may encounter the problem of killing level 24 elite in the second mission. Talk to Master Mathias Shaw at the SI: 7 headquarters in Storm wind.

Travel to southern West fall and talk to Agent Kearney. You will need to steal the Defies Tower Key from a Malformed Drone (level 23 monster near the entrance).

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Climb up the tower until you encounter level 24 elite humanoid. The quest line starts with the Shattered Salute quest, which becomes available from Sheath in The Cleft of Shadow in Grammar at Level 20.

Poisons are sold by vendors that are often found near Rogue trainers in major cities. When a poisoned weapon strikes an enemy it has a chance of applying a rebuff that damages, slows, or otherwise hinders the enemy, depending on the poison applied.

Learned at level 20, poisons are a core part of the rogue class and their use is required to maximize effectiveness. Some rogue talents and abilities, most of which are found within the Assassination tree, enhance the effectiveness of poisons.

«20» Snares the enemy, reducing their movement speed. Wound Poison «32, 40, 48, 56» Deals damage and reduces the strength of healing effects on the enemy for a period of time.

The following abilities, talents, and items directly relate to Rogue poisons : Shiv : Instantly applies the poison on your offhand weapon to the target and dispels an enrage effect.

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Envenom Consumes 1 stack of Deadly Poison per combo point on the target, dealing additional damage per point, similar to Eviscerate but ignores armor and deals Nature damage. Blood fang Armor : Tier 2 (level 60) gear with 3-set bonus that increases the chance to apply poisons to your target by 5%.

The difference in damage is rather minimal though, so people often just follow the “slow MH, fast OH” because they could always put Crippling/Deadly/Mind-Numbing on their OH without much reduced effect. Poison ingredients are purchased at Shady Dealers or reagent vendors, found in junk boxes obtained through pick pocketing, or gathered with herbalism.

The rogue -only quest chains detailed below are required to access Poisons. The quest takes you to a tower on the southern border of West fall near Strangle thorn Vale, along the river, and requires a skill level of 70 in Lock picking to complete.

After completing Eleven's Tower, the second quest in the chain, you will gain the ability to buy poisons. The two main quests (including Mission: Possible But Not Probable which requires a skill level of 70 in Lock picking to complete) in the chain take you to a tower in the northeast corner of the Barrens.

Rogues have a lot of CC abilities such as Gouge, Sap, Kidney Shot, and Blind, as well as Crippling Poison and Mind-numbing Poison, which makes them incredibly useful in groups, especially dungeons. Rogues also have an ability called Expose Armor, which is very useful in a group where either your Warrior tank is not using Sunder Armor or your group does not have a Warrior tank at all.

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Has Lock picking, which is a fantastic way to make gold without worrying about combat or survivability. Very powerful burst in PVP, thanks to Stealth allowing you to open on a target at your own discretion.

Amazing CC abilities (Blind, Sap, Kidney Shot). High base damage on moves such as Eviscerate makes them strong even when under geared.

Rogues are not able to do much AOE damage beyond Blade Flurry's cleave effect. Rogue abilities have long cooldowns that are very impactful, such as Vanish, Evasion, and Sprint.

Some abilities require reagents, which also take up inventory slots, such as Blind, Vanish and poisons. To find out which races are the best for DPS Rogues in WoW Classic, please refer to the dedicated pages we wrote for Alliance and Horde.

02 Dec. 2020 (talents page): Changed notes on Seal Fate build's viability with release of Phase 6. 17 Nov. 2019 (gear page): Fixed drop source for Hand of Justice and location for The Unforgiving.

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26 Aug. 2019 (enchants page): Added a note about Grilled Squid. 13 Aug. 2019 (enchants page): Added Winter fall Firewater to consumables list.

13 Aug. 2019 (talents page): Added the Seal Fate Dagger build guide. 13 Aug. 2019 (spells page): Added more info about Lock picking and Pick pocketing.

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