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Follow to get new release updates and improved recommendations Also contains 300 pages of tabular material related to marriage units, employment records, personal and real property in 1835 and 1870, as well as geographical location of Red River residences of whatever ancestry.

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In 1978, he began working with the Manitoba Métis Federation to develop the history of the administration of the land promised the Métis by the Government of Canada. Professor Sprague's other publications are in the fields of general Canadian history and historical methods.

If you have First Nations ancestry certain additional records can help better identify those ancestors. When you know the general area where an ancestor lived, you can usually identify his or her tribe.

You will need some background information about the tribe, such as (a) migration patterns, (b) marriage and naming customs, and (c) affiliations with government agencies or churches. Brenda Doug all Merriam, Genealogy in Ontario: Searching the Records.

Researching First Nations ancestors can be particularly challenging because use of the records is often restricted. When you know the tribe your ancestor belonged to and the areas where he may have lived, then determine if records are available.

Some of these records have been microfilmed and are available to public libraries through interlibrary loan. Russell, Bill, Records of the Department of Indian Affairs, at Library and Archives Canada: A Source for Genealogical Research.

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Early Roman Catholic Church records on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border list names of aboriginal Canadians. Catholic Church Records of the Pacific Northwest : St. Louis, Gervais, Brooks.

See the FamilySearch Catalog, Author/Title section for call numbers of additional volumes in this series. A collection of Métis land claims on microfilm at the National Archives of Canada may be borrowed through inter library loan.

Its responsibility lies fundamentally in the administration of 6.4 million acres of Indian lands divided into 2,233 reserves, set apart for 575 bands and the administration of the status rights of Indian people. The original home of many Métis was the Red River colony of what is now Manitoba.

Data from that census and other sources was used to compile the family information in: The Genealogy of the First Métis Nation (Winnipeg: Pemmican Publications, 1983).

National Map Collection, Maps of Indian Reserves and Settlements in the National Map Collection = Carter DES reserves ET agglomerations audiences DE la Collection national DE carts ET plans, 2 vols. Métis Scrip Records (free) --Library and Archives Canada.

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The records generally consist of the following: affidavits and applications, land and money scrip notes, scrip certificates, receipts, and a number of textual files consisting of letters and memoranda outlining government policies, rulings, and procedures. However, the FamilySearch Catalog does not use the term First Nations as a subject heading.

Many large libraries in North America have province or tribal histories of Canadian First Nations. Some provincial and private archives have records of native peoples.

Native American Directory: Alaska, Canada, United States. This also lists names, but not addresses, of all Indian reserves in Canadian provinces.

Most of our sources pertain to people who were living in the Prairie Provinces in 1900 or earlier. The collection consists of a database of 65,434 records of persons who were Métis ancestors.

1860 The Crown Lands Department took over responsibility for Indian Affairs from the Imperial Government. 1880 A separate Department of Indian Affairs was established 1936 Indian Affairs became a branch of the Department of Mines 1939 The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the tern “Indians”, as used in the British North America Act, included Inuit inhabitants of Quebec.

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(A later ruling extended the BNA Act provision for Indians to all Inuit throughout Canada) 1950 The Department of Citizenship and Immigration assumed responsibility for Indian Affairs. 1969 The government's “white paper” aroused controversy and was rejected by the Indian people.

Join the Facebook or Skype Canada First Nations Genealogy Research Community! A list of Annual Reports 1864-1990, including Canadian government agencies responsible for Indian affairs over the years, can be found at Library and Archives Canada A reference work that provides a history of the major Indian tribes of Canada is: Jennets, Diamond.

FamilySearch Catalog book 970.1 J435i (no film) Golden, Cadwallander. The History of the Five Indian Nations of Canada Which are Dependent on the Province of New York, and are a barrier between the English and French in that Part of the World.

OHL book 970.1 C673h two volumes Wildcat Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. OHL book 970.1 L516n Wildcat Contour, Enos T. The Feathered U.F.L's (United Empire Loyalist): An Account of the Life and Times of Certain Canadian Native People.

Book 970.1 M768f Wildcat Administrative records of Aboriginal people from 1872 to the 1950s from Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Currently , volumes 1855 to 2151 in the Red Series are available in digital format; these volumes were scanned in black and white from microfilm reels C-11103 to C-11169. There are textual records for all the volumes that were not digitized this year, which can also be searched in this database.

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Published by Authority of the Honorable Mark Margin, Secretary of State for External Affairs, Government of Canada,1980. Wildcat The Micmac Indians of Restigouche: History and Contemporary Description.

Of the Secretary of State], 1966 Wildcat Indians of Quebec and Maritime Provinces. OHL Collection Wildcat Indians of Yukon and Northwest Territories.

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