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The Dee system allows the weight to be distributed evenly when fastening the girth, making it a comfortable fit and feel for the horse. The nature of the design makes it easy to fasten and helps to eliminate over tightening.

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This girth is designed with super strong yet soft material that is textured to allow airflow and move comfortably, without chaffing or rubbing. Complete with stainless steel roller buckles.

Inspired by the legendary show jumper Hydroplane Cold stream, HY produces equestrian equipment and clothing that embodies his excellence. HY offers high-quality every day and competition wear for both horse and rider, supporting every aspect of equestrian life in an ever-expanding and exciting collection.

The Royal Stitched Leather Lay Girth features an anatomical shape design which allows freedom of the shoulders and a more even pressure layout. The stainless steel buckles have rollers and are fixed onto three layers of elastic at both ends.

This girth also has a central clip and two D-rings at each end for easy fitting of breastplates and martingales. Made with a vegetable tanned leather which helps create a supple and soft finish, whilst creating longevity for the leather colors.

A properly fitting girth is essential as it keeps the saddle securely in place. Girths are made out of a variety of materials and are available in many types of sizes, shapes, colors and styles, each offering unique benefits to the horse.

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Ideally, for a long girth, the buckles will not be located high under your thigh where they can feel bulky. If the girth comes too close to the edge of the saddle pad or flap, your horse’s skin can feel pinched.

Have a helper hold a fabric tape measure with inch increments on approximately the middle billet hole on one side of the saddle, while you stretch the tape under the horse, one hand’s width away from the back of the elbow, to the corresponding billet hole on the other side of the saddle. The various materials used to make girths offer unique benefits to the horse and rider, affect price, and even solve problems.

Additionally, consider that girths are available in straight styles, fashioned like a belt, or with anatomical contours that are designed to provide room for a horse’s elbows during movement. The most important aspect about the shape and material of your girth is that it works well with your horse’s unique conformation, movement, and skin to distribute pressure evenly along his barrel.

It needs to work with the horse, moving ever so slightly with the hair (horizontally) and not against it (vertically) in such a way as to cause rubbing or chafing. The belly guards protect the horse from being injured from shoe studs while its hooves are tucked up tightly over jumps.

Elastic ends make the girth fastening process easier, and provide some flexibility and comfort for the horse as his rib cage moves during exercise. Leather girths are offered in many shades of brown to coordinate with saddles, and in black for dressage.

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They are easy to care for, and quality leather girths become softer and more luxurious with conditioning. This type of girth may have elastic on one or both ends, and can be found in straight or contoured shapes.

Neoprene girths are typically wide and have elastic ends, so they offer a good amount of comfort for horses. Synthetic girths are offered in contoured and straight styles and are easy to clean with soap and water.

Made of mohair, wool, cotton or nylon string, this type of girth is a popular choice for combating slippage, for horses that get irritated skin in the girth area and to alleviate certain pressure points. The strings that make up the girth can move and act independently of one another so that some horses do very well wearing them.

Cotton string girths should be hand-washed in cold water (warmer temperatures may cause shrinkage) and hung to dry. Genuine wool or synthetic fleece may be attached to fabric or leather girths to help horses who need a soft surface against their skin.

Genuine wool lining has the added benefit of helping to wick sweat away from the horse. The fleece on many leather models of this type of girth is attached with hook and loop closures for easy cleaning.

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Often selected for either the horse's preference for the softness or the affordable price, this simple type of girth can be machined or hand-washed in cool temperatures and hung to dry. This is a temporary measure used to extend the length of a girth that is too short to fit a horse.

They provide cushioning that relieves pressure points that can cause girth gall, absorb sweat, and alleviate sensitivity issues in horses with delicate skin. This type of cover helps to wick away moisture and provides some relief of pressure points.

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