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Is Rogue Company Good

Is Rogue Company Good

Paul Gonzalez
• Saturday, 16 January, 2021
• 7 min read

RogueCompany is a multiplayer-only third-person shooter with a gallery of interesting characters called Rogues, each with their own distinct abilities, loadouts, and perks to choose from. Since everyone can dodge roll, fire fights can get very tense and erratic quickly, which helps combat stand out (in a good way) from the other games RogueCompany was clearly inspired by.

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Just because you get the drop on someone doesn’t mean you’ll down them necessarily since time-to-kill varies wildly depending on your Rogue and the weapon you’re using. Teamwork is crucial, so thankfully RogueCompany is the latest in a long line of games to borrow the incredibly smart ping system popularized by Apex Legends.

That allows players not on voice chat to still easily communicate with their squad using quick scripted callouts and contextual map markers. The defenders can win by killing the attackers or preventing the bomb from going off, but in my experience it almost always ends in a team wipe rather than actually coming down to a detonation.

This addition makes Strikeout feel like more than just a slight variation on team deathwatch, incentivizing a defensive play style to hold the control point in a mode otherwise driven solely by kills. You accrue money for your actions during a match that’s used to buy and upgrade these tools of destruction between rounds, but all you start with is a pistol.

This will sound familiar to Counter-Strike or Valorant fans, but in practice RogueCompany’s in-game progression works like a MOB, basically lifted right from developer Hi-res’s own game SMITE. The gun diversity would be more exciting if characters had additional ones to unlock or could customize their options more impact fully, but you’re limited to the predetermined loadouts given.

Additionally, all the guns have a tinny sound when shot and lack the oomph you’d expect from a game that’s otherwise full of edgy characters and in-your-face personality. Explosives, gadgets, and abilities all feel and sound great though, which helps those powerful offensive characters stick out even more.

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Dodge rolling is a helpful evasive tactic, but control points are so littered with waist-high cover it feels like a foregone conclusion that you’d be able to stick to walls and blind fire, but instead that feature is inexplicably missing. Maybe I’m spoiled from the precedent set by other third-person shooters like Uncharted, Gears of War, or The Division, but a cover system would have complemented everything about RogueCompany so well.

Robin, the confident sword-wielding mascot in most of RogueCompany’s marketing, is an excellent offense-focused character with a great exploding throwing-knife ability and a collection of perks focused on awareness and speed. She’s stylish and badass in a way that makes her a great introductory character and is probably the default option in the tutorial for that reason.

He gets a nasty cluster grenade launcher and perks focused on health and ammo regent, along with a solid assault rifle and capable SMG to pick from as primary weapons. Plus, that ability fully recharges any time he downs an enemy, and he has powerful perks focused on health regent and durability to keep him going.

The $30 Starter Founder’s Pack, which I personally bought after spending some time with the free characters, is a great value because it includes all eight paid Rogues. Of the paid Rogues, I found myself playing as Talon the most since his ability is a radar that can be planted anywhere and pings your map if an enemy steps within its radius.

That said, if for no reason other than increased diversity and options, it’s definitely worth working towards unlocking them through regular play, or even just dropping some cash to get them all right away. RogueCompany is an entertaining, if derivative, shake up to the established hero shooter genre, mixing elements from various other games to prop up the handful of unique ideas it can call its own.

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Beneath the seemingly basic third-person shooter mechanics are intricate strategies, interesting characters with nuanced abilities, and plenty of maps to keep things varied. Having just entered early access on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (via the Epic Games Store), this is the latest multiplayer experience from Hi-res Studios, the company behind SMITE, Paladins, and Realm Royale.

The Hi-res name comes with pedigree, though it’s fair to say that its trio of live multiplayer games are often overshadowed by more popular alternatives, despite offering some refreshing takes on their respective genres. SMITE is no League of Legends beater, but while Paladins and Realm Royale trail behind Overwatch and Fortnite, they still enjoy a loyal following.

Well, you can buy one of the three founder’s packs to get immediate access, or you can simply wait until RogueCompany hits version 1.0 when the game will be made free-to-play. In this tactical 4 versus 4 shooters, you choose from a lineup of playable Rogues before dropping into the battlefield, competing across multiple rounds.

There are currently three modes available including Extraction, which has you fighting over a random control point, and Strikeout, a more casual variant that allows for respawns. You see, both games take that incredibly tense shooter template and then pep it up with addition of hero characters equipped with unique loadouts and special powers.

In the prep phase before diving from the drop-ship you have several seconds to open the shop menu, selecting weapons, guns, upgrades, and perks from your Rogue’s unique loadout. This adds some tactical nuance, allowing players to mold their character depending on the map as well as the composition of both their team and the opponents they face.

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For instance, the brutish Anvil can lay down a defensive barricade to zone off control points, whereas sniper Phantom can ping enemy locations using her smoke grenade. Needless to say, RogueCompany offers plenty of tactical depth, and it will be interesting to see which heroes rise to prominence as the game meta shifts over time.

It's a game where the team with the best positioning and ability coordination wins, but it's also a place where you can throw a Katina at someone's face and dance over their body. The game's premise might sound familiar to Rainbow Six fans: RogueCompany is a paramilitary peacekeeping force comprised of a bunch of celebrity secret agents, murderous men and women that are the best of the best from their respective countries.

The 13 agents fall under the usual archetypes we've seen before: the reformed Yakuza who won't button his shirt, the hacker with a LED face, the lady sniper in a stealth suit. It soon becomes a frantic back and forth fights over choke points, a contest of who can establish superior sight lines as you work your way to planting the bomb or holding a capture point.

You can dump your match earnings into upgrading your primary (or secondary) weapon to reduce recoil or its magazine size. I found a lot of use in holding off early spending sprees for a round or two and using my winnings on special grenades and perks like Dallas' Amps that disable gadgets or By's tear gas canisters that obscure vision.

Unlike some other popular shooters, each character in RogueCompany is limited to a choice of two primary weapons specific to them. The dodge roll can be a lifesaver if you think someone is waiting for you around a corner, but even then the game is a little forgiving because your allies can revive you when you're down.

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What turns the tide of a round is usually a well-placed ping from a downed ally or helpful callout revealing where your entrenched opponents were hiding. Most of the agents' active and passive abilities seem to fall under three categories: combat, enemy tracking, and area denial.

It's a good approach because it gives support characters important roles especially against a more experienced team in modes like Demolition that require a bit more strategy. The carefree and casual nature of RogueCompany is a nice palette cleanser from more tense, tactical Fuses.

As someone who is objectively bad at Rainbow Six Siege and CS:GO, RogueCompany was simple enough to pick up and feel like I was doing well in whatever role I played. Whether using my drone to remote-revive my allies as Saint or lighting fools up with Scorch's very overpowered fire bullets, I didn't feel like I needed to do a YouTube deep dive into figuring out how to play each character.

Since RogueCompany will be free to play at launch, players will complete daily contracts that'll net you in-game currency who can use to unlock other agents. As always, it's going to come down to a healthy player base, update cadence, and how microtransactions are ultimately handled to see how well RogueCompany can establish itself in a very competitive shooter landscape.

Particularly for console players, it is essentially the only active tactical shooter next to Rainbow Six Siege and Insurgency: Sandstorm. Thus, if you’re interested to jump into the game for free, you’ll need some help to catch up to those who have been playing since the beta.

(Source: www.youtube.com)

Our RogueCompany beginner’s guide will help you to learn some things the easy way. Most people jumping into Rogue are used to the twitchy shooters that dominate the scene.

Rogue is a different type of shooter… it’s a tactical shooter. RogueCompany is a game that, at high levels, is played at a slow pace.

Thus, allowing 1v1s means they can take you down, hide, heal up and repeat. A third-person camera brings significant changes in comparison to FPS shooters.

This also ties with tip #1: Rushing blindly around corners means death. Don’t pop your head out in the same spot twice like a bot in easy single-player shooters.

The grenades in RogueCompany are super powerful and extremely underrated. Crouching gives you a smaller hatbox, tightens your spread, makes you less visible and allows you to move silently.

(Source: www.youtube.com)

RogueCompany’s in-game economy is similar to the one of CS:GO and Valorant : You earn cash that you then spend on weapons, perks and upgrades. It is very tempting to immediately max out both primary weapons, but it’s not recommended.

Of course, your instinct is to finish the job against the now helpless victim in front of you, but: Don’t. Wait for another enemy player to revive their fallen trooper and then spray on them.

This is true for most team-based games, but particularly for tactical shooters: If you want to be successful, you have to use team communication. A simple shoutout or giving your teammates enemy intel is huge.

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