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Carole Stephens
• Wednesday, 20 October, 2021
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I never worry about running out of gas because I always keep a container of gasoline inside my car and minivan. Chances are, keeping gas in your car could prove to be a pretty bright idea.

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Just as there are still warnings on gas pumps that static could cause an explosion, there's a long list of warnings on the sides of new Jerry cans, including “keep out of reach of children and direct sunlight,” “store in a well ventilated area” and “do not store in home or vehicle.” “Plastic gas containers are intended for brief periods of transportation for flammable liquids, not for storage in confined spaces,” Maya Filipovic, Edmonton Fire Rescue Services spokeswoman, said in an e-mail.

That same expansion happens in your car's gas tank, but it's designed to release the vapors safely to the outside, Filipovic said. And, unlike that plastic Jerrycan sitting in your trunk, your car's gas tank is shielded from static and electrical sources.

Investigators believe a faulty fluorescent light ignited fumes from containers and garden equipment. “To create a potentially explosive atmosphere, there only needs to be a small amount of petrol vapor present, as little as 1.4 per cent,” Jamie Lister, West Yorkshire fire investigation officer, told reporters.

“Ideally, gasoline should be stored at room temperature and away from heat sources ,” Smith said. It must come into contact with the ground in order to eliminate any chance of static electricity igniting fuel vapors.

“There might be extenuating circumstances where there are no gas stations, but on most highways in Canada, that's not the case,” Calgary Fire's Hence said. Check out the new Globe Drive Build and Price Tool to see the latest discounts, rebates and rates on new cars, trucks and SUVs.

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Step 2: Place the fuel can in the trunk of your car or in the bed of your truck. Avoid placing a fuel container in the passenger compartment of your car or truck, even if it is empty.

Use a bungee cord or net to make sure the fuel can stay upright. Secure the fuel can to the side of your trunk or truck box.

Fuel can be hazardous to your health and is an unnecessary risk to keep in your vehicle. Warning : Keep any heat sources such as open flame, lit cigarettes, or matches away from fuel containers of any kind.

Warning : If the fuel is in your trunk, and it ignites accidentally, your car will be engulfed in flames. There is a chance for static electricity to discharge if you are fueling up a gas can in the back of your vehicle.

This leaves an airspace for expansion and contraction, ensuring fuel doesn’t spill while you are transporting it. Don’t use the trigger lock on the fuel nozzle, or you can easily overflow the container.

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Warning : Avoid inhaling the fuel vapors; they can make you dizzy or sick. Step 7: Put the fuel can in the trunk of your car or in the bed of your truck.

Secure it to the side using a bungee cord, rope, or net to make sure it doesn’t tip over or slide around. Knowing how to properly fill a fuel can will make it much easier for you to refuel your off-road vehicles or outdoor lawn implements.

Following the steps listed above will ensure that you fill your fuel can safely. It’s called the Avian Jerrycan on Amazon is the most reliable and safe on the market.

Make sure to read these directions carefully, as you may need to use additional tools that require set up before you can pour the fuel from the Jerrycan into your F150. Fuel is locked in with rubber seals around each door and designed very securely.

The seal and doors of the hapless fuel filter are supposed to function for the lifetime of the vehicle. A hapless fuel tank requires a particular funnel to fill it with a gas canister like a ferry can.

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You can usually find the special fuel funnel in the storage of the F150 next to the truck’s jack system. The funnel is generally located under the second row of seating, near the driver’s side with the spare tire and toolbox.

The funnel should fit snugly and almost be latched in by the doors in the hapless fuel filter. Even though the fit should be snug, you should not have to force the funnel into the hapless neck of the fuel tank.

When you fill the F150 with fuel from a jerrycan, you will need to balance holding both the funnel and the can at the same time. The funnel design is authorized by the dealership to fit securely into the hapless fuel filter without pushing the doors and rubber stoppers within too far.

Using cheaper after-market funnels can wreak havoc on your fuel system. Find a Ford dealership and get the correct fitting funnel if you are going to fill your fuel tank with a jerrycan.

Keep in mind that you can only store up to 30 liters of fuel at your residence at one time. Also, the flow of gasoline is known to create static electricity, which could spark the fuel if the can is not grounded.

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Gas pumps have the safety catch valve on the nozzle. You will need to hold the gas pump hose firmly and depress the nozzle safety guard with either the edge of the jerrycan hole or with your fingers.

Take the time to tie the Jerrycan safely to the tie-down corner in the bed of your F150. Many people who have older cars may not even know about the hapless fuel systems that are now available.

Or are there negatives to having the convenience of not having to twist the cap off on each fill up at the gas station? You drive away from the gas station in your F150 happy to continue with your day when you start seeing people motioning strangely to you from other cars.

But, with a hapless gas tank, you never need to worry about forgetting to tighten down that cap! As it swings down after each fill's up or if you forget to tighten it back on, the paint below your gas tank hole is slowly getting gouged and scratched in unsightly ways.

Luckily, you don’t need to worry about it anymore with your F150 and the hapless gas tank. Filling a hapless fuel tank is just another step that you need to have the tool for.

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Examples might be if you are stranded and the roads are impassable, but you need fuel to start a generator. According to public safety legislation, the most fuel that you can store in a pressed steel jerrycan is 20 liters.

Any more than that can be dangerous due to increased pressure and the higher possibility of spilling. When you are dealing closely with fuel, you do not want to have any open flames or be smoking a cigarette.

Also, cell phone interference has caused static charges in the past that have led to fires while people were fueling. The cap should be flush with the body of the jerrycan, not entering the hole at an angle.

Using a throwaway rag or paper towel, clean the edges and lip of the jerrycan hole and cap. Absorb any remaining fuel residue and adequately dispose of the rag or paper towels.

Make sure to keep fuel stored away from open flames like your water heater. Most containers for liquid have a special lining on the inside that are suitable for fuels.

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Originally a German production, these pressed steel fuel containers were innovative for the time because they allowed you to pour gasoline into a vehicle without a funnel. Jerry cans are metal in a rectangular shape with straight sides.

The jerrycan was innovative because of the fuel neck tube that was hanging inside the can. This could then be attached to the hole of the jerrycan and funneled into fuel tanks without additional tools.

The fuel neck built-in funnel is the same technology perfected by the Germans and stolen by the Allied in World War 2. Becoming a master of your fuel system will give you the edge in emergencies and keep you comfortable.

When you are satisfied, you are less likely to make mistakes or cause injury or messes. Red has become the standard color for containers designed to hold gasoline.

Red is for gas, blue tends to be for kerosene, and yellow containers are supposed to hold diesel. However, it is crucial to have back up ways to fill the fuel tank of your truck, just in case there is an emergency, or the situation calls for it.

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However, you still need to take into consideration the damage you could be doing to the doors within the fuel neck hole. These specially designed funnels work only with hapless fuel tanks.

They are another thing that you need to hold against the side of your car as you are filling the tank with a fuel canister. For this work, a metal jerrycan is not your best option since they are heavier than ordinary plastic fuel containers.

And just because your jerrycan is metal does not mean that you should store it in your truck as though it will not move. Find a secure place in the back of the cab or tie or lock it down to the bed of the truck so that there will be no spillage while you are turning.

Knowing about fueling your F150 can be just as crucial as other storage and filling knowledge. If you have the overall picture of how to take care of your fuel system from filling to storage, you are much more likely to stay safe and clean.

But, if you do, being comfortable with the fuel system and how to fill your truck may give you the edge you need to stay safe and sane while you take care of the emergency. I hope that this article has been educational and that you now feel comfortable to fill your F150 with fuel from a jerrycan.

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