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Maria Garcia
• Monday, 08 March, 2021
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MSRP: $588.00 Photo: Spencer Poison | VeloNews.com After the foam is adhered to the shell, the excess material is removed by hand prior to the application of glue that holds the cover in place.

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Photo: Spencer Poison | VeloNews.com The three panels required to construct an Antares saddle are stamped out of a sheet of microbes fabric using a metal cookie cutter like this. Photo: Spencer Poison | VeloNews.com After the Wing Flex cuts are made, an additional layer is bonded beneath to seal the saddle from the elements.

Photo: Spencer Poison | VeloNews.com The three panels of microbes cover for this Antares are stitched together with remarkable efficiency. Photo: Spencer Poison | VeloNews.com Following the attachment of the saddle cover, the two-person team does a quick, preliminary trim on the excess microbes fabric.

Photo: Spencer Poison | VeloNews.com Although the saddle cover team trims much of the excess material, a second step of the process thoroughly finishes the product, a delicate step that involves some careful knife work to avoid damaging the shell. Photo: Spencer Poison | VeloNews.com Although carbon rails only save 40 grams per saddle, Fiji representatives told us they are quite popular in the aftermarket as riders seek to upgrade their bikes with a top of the line option.

Photo: Spencer Poison | VeloNews.com To hold the rails in place, glue is injected into the appropriate ports on the saddle ’s base. Photo: Spencer Poison | VeloNews.com If the saddle is slated for metal “Kim” rails, they are flexed and popped into place using this machine.

Photo: Spencer Poison | VeloNews.com A great deal of pride goes into making a saddle like this, signed by Olympic opium track champion Elias Vivian. I put up with it for several thousand miles, but after a few rides on the Ariane realized the Ali ante was not working for me and I needed a different saddle.

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I've put a few hundred miles on it, and after the first 150-200 getting used to it and getting the position correct, I'm very comfortable and happy with it. Afterwards, I ended up having a bad headache and had to schedule a visit to the chiropractor.

I actually had to take several days off to recover from that short ride. I did 2,000+ miles this year, so I'm no stranger to time in the saddle.

I rated it 3 stars because while it wasn't for me, it seems well constructed and is probably a decent product. Your mileage may vary (no pun intended) if you prefer less padding.

After this, I bought I switched to a Fiji Tempo Argo R1 Saddle and absolutely love it. I have avg to slightly larger sit bone width so a wider saddle is critical for me.

I had wanted to upgrade my saddle for several years and then while renting a bike in the French Pyrenees, I found the saddle. I ordered it from Bike Tires Direct and it arrived promptly.

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I have enjoyed the Fiji Antares R3 on my recent rides. I had the good luck of being able to ride one of these for several hundred miles before deciding I thought it was better than my existing saddle.

Overall I'm really pleased with the quality and for the price this is done well and light weight. With a few hundred more miles I'm still convinced this is comfortable and nice.

It always seems to take a while for a saddle to break in even if you replace it with the same model and brand. I purchased this saddle after riding a similar shaped one for about five months which I felt was comfortable and supported me well.

The way Fiji constructed the Antares with flexible wings has really improved my comfort on long rides which is what I was looking for versus weight savings even though it weighs 135g's less. The product is great and when I sat on it is seemed to fit me well.

My only complaint is the rough material section. It would seem it was supposed to add friction so you can push back on the saddle for power peddling, but I am afraid they will wear out my shorts.

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Quality saddle, but disregard Fizik's fit guide. The quality of their saddles is very good, the weight is low, and I hope to get many miles out of this one.

Review for Fiji 2014 Antares R3 K:IBM Saddle Price could always be less, but product is good and comfortable on long rides if fit is good for your body shape.

I bought a second 2018 INALCOL that came with a PROLOG that was not so comfortable. I tried two more Fiji Avatars with channels, and neither approached the comfort of the R3.

Was a bit harsh the first couple of rides but after about a week it's even more comfortable than the old Antares. Matches with Team Sky Blue and Fiji SID Blue bar tape perfectly.

I finally purchased a flat saddle, Fiji Antares. The expected availability date shown above is our best estimate as to when it will be shipped to you, but this date is subject to change based on our receipt of this item from its vendor.

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Shipping in the continental US is free for all back order items (for international orders, our customer service team will contact you when the item is available to ship). Your credit card will not be charged until your item ships (PayPal requires payment up front, but you can cancel for full refund).

Anytime prior to shipment, your back order can be cancelled by contacting our customer service team. Arguably the most versatile shape in the FI'ZI:k line, the Antares draws on features from the popular Ariane and Ali ante models.

The Antares R3 manages an even balance of weight savings and comfort. The Composite glass co-injected Nylon Single shell is light and flexible.

The Wing-Flex sections allow the shell to move at the thigh contact points and provides stiffness and support where needed for long-term comfort and pedaling efficiency. The Antares models have a large contact area, reducing pressure points and allowing for a variety of rider positions.

Above the shell is a high density foam composite for cushioning and support. The material offers substantial rebound, extending the saddle's service life.

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B-Stock units were returned from other customers and may have missing or damaged packaging materials. The full manufacturer warranty applies.

The product weight specified is an approximate weight based on the manufacturer's specifications (if available) or our measurement of one or two examples. For most products, the weight will typically vary by 5% to 10%.

I’ve tried about every saddle design on the market and have yet to find one that allows me to ride without going numb in the nether regions. After riding the Fiji Antares Versus saddle aboard the Salsa War bird at the SRAM 1x launch, I thought I may have found my perfect match.

I find their rider characterization to be a good starting point and it makes things easy from a high level. I have actually ridden the Ariane extensively and found it very comfortable at the outset, but not so much after the miles started racking up.

So, when the Antares Versus showed up equipped on my SRAM 1x test bike, I was immediately interested to see how it would feel. In fact, the proprietary alloy used is 8% lighter than titanium and is more compliant and corrosion resistant at the same time.

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It’s easy to move around on the saddle and with the extra width in the nose, you don’t get tortured just for pushing hard. This is a beautiful saddle that looks great on any bike and, more importantly, noticeably reduces pressure to my sensitive bits.

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