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James Lee
• Monday, 08 March, 2021
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The most common girth measurements are taken around the midsection (waist and hip) and used to determine fat gain/loss and/or predict the risk for developing heart disease. The science behind these girth measurements is based on the fact that fat tends to accumulate around the midsection.


There is also a greater risk of developing heart disease when fat accumulates higher up on the body i.e. around the waist as opposed to the hips). Disadvantages: It does not work well on lean individuals, and it lacks high tech appeal.

If a client is not interested in knowing their body fat percentage but wants to see that their waist is getting smaller this can be a fast, inexpensive and reliable measure. When recording, you need to make sure the tape is not too tight or too loose, is lying flat on the skin, and is horizontal.

The hip girth measurement is taken over minimal clothing, at the level of the greatest protrusion of the clients gluteal (buttock) muscles. The client stands erect with their weight evenly distributed on both feet and legs slightly parted, making sure that they do not tense their gluteal muscles.

Scoring: The table below gives general guidelines for the results of the waist to hip ratio. As previously indicated girth measurements can be used simply to show change in an individual clients size or body dimensions over time.

Conversely, some clients may wish to see changes in muscle size over time to determine if their hypertrophy oriented training is working or not. This girth measurement is used to show change in size over time in the chest and upper back region.

The measurement is taken by asking the client to initially raise their arms to the side up to shoulder level. This girth measurement is used to show change in the size of the upper arm over time.

The client is asked to roll their sleeve up, and raise their arm and bend their elbow to 90° as shown here. A vertical measurement is taken at the point in the upper arm that looks largest when viewed from the front.

As this is relatively high on the leg it may require the client to roll their shorts up, so you can identify the correct mark. Girth measurements can be used in determining body size and composition, and to monitor changes in these parameters.

Equipment required: flexible metal tape measure and pen for marking the skin. Prepare forms and record basic information such as age, height, body weight, gender.

When recording, you need to make sure the tape is not too tight or too loose, is lying flat on the skin, and is horizontal. For descriptions of the procedure for measuring specific girths see the list below.

Reliability: Things that may affect reliability are changes to the testers, constant and even tension on the tape, and correct land marking (finding the correct anatomical sites for measurement). Advantages: low costs involved in the testing procedure, and for many sites the measurement can be self administered.

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Is your business preparing to ship an odd-sized parcel, such as a piece of used machinery, or are you mailing a large box of wholesale merchandise to a key client? In either case, you will need to measure the package to determine the shipping options available to your business.

Box girth is a key measurement when determining shipping charges. The sum of length plus girth will also dictate the appropriate shipping categories for a package via the U.S.

For standard shipments, the combined measurement of the longest side and the girth cannot exceed 108 inches. By paying a nonmachinable surcharge on the parcel, you can increase the size to a total of 130 inches in combined length and girth.

Keep in mind that many larger parcels are also heavier, and weight limits are also imposed. If your business is books, however, the media mail parcel class allows the shipment weight up to 70 pounds.

Pros According to the NSA Essentials of Personal Training, the standard of error in other methods of estimating body fat such as skin fold assessment, bioelectrical impedance, and anthropometric measures are established against HW and these methods may have more error than HW. HW was formerly the most trusted body composition testing method up until the Bod Pod came into play.

Cons Some people might feel uncomfortable exhaling all the air from their lungs while underwater, although it is performed in shallow water. The tank must be emptied and cleaned after each weighing, thus it takes longer to perform several tests in a day compared to a Bod Pod.

Pros We tried a Bod Pod, and it only took a few minutes to complete two testing trials. The results are printed immediately, and you also get your resting metabolic rate (MR) and total energy expenditure estimates (TEE).

Recent research, such as this 2003 European Clinical Journal of Nutrition study and this 2002 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study shows that the Bod Pod is safe and accurate for body composition analysis. Cons Since the procedure was so carefree, it’s hard to point to any negative aspect.

“The Bod Pod is very sensitive to baggy clothing, so you have to wear clothing that is form fitting and doesn’t have cotton in it because cotton traps air and the air compresses differently,” says Christopher Dunbar, PhD, MPH, CCP, RCEP, FASM. DEXA systems use a source that generates x-rays at two energies to estimate bone mineral content and soft tissue composition.

Pros According to Capital Blue’s Medical Policy, DEXA’s accuracy is up to par with other forms of analyzing body composition. “I don’t know if DEXA for body fat is ethical given the radiation,” Dunbar says.

Finding a place that offers DEXA scans for body composition might take some digging. M&F reached out to New York University and Brooklyn College, and both institutions don’t offer DEXA for body composition.

How It Works Skin calipers are the most accessible method in determining body fat percentage. A technician uses the device by pinching a layer of skin to get any underlying fat.

Sites that are measured are: triceps, pectoral, abdominal, sacroiliac, and thigh. The body density equation was developed for each by Dr. Andrew Jackson and M. L. Pollock.

As mentioned before, skin calipers are easily accessible, making them a huge pro. Registered dietitian-nutritionist, Katharine Wagner, recommends, “The user should aim for an average of three readings, selecting 3-7 sites on the body for accuracy.

A benefit of using skin calipers is that it gives you a bigger picture of the subcutaneous fat/visceral fat. Cons Skin calipers require a lot of accuracy, and usually the technician has to go through rigorous training to be certifiable to use one.

This can lead to false results, adding more fat to a lean, ripped physique. The only difference is that there are electrodes under your feet or where you place your hands on the hand-held device.

Lean tissues conducts electrical impulses quicker than fat. Cons Accuracy is the biggest downfall of this method because readings can be impacted by hydration levels, meal times, and workouts.

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