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Elaine Sutton
• Monday, 08 March, 2021
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When the original plumber roughed in a valve for the humidifier? It was probably the heat guy.BTW, saddle valves are NOT APPROVED in the Nat Std.

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Ex water lines, saddle valve, but let's make sure we use copper on the feed line. It was probably Sears after they delivered some ho a new refrigerator.

This house is a year-old spec that never sold, and the bank now owns it. I was there for a couple of minor things and spotted the saddle.

Like I alluded to earlier, the plumber that did the house put in a stop for the humidifier right above it. I can all but guarantee the inner put the saddle valve in because (a) he didn't see the stop at the ceiling or (b) he's too lazy to get out a ladder to reach it.

BTW, when I mentioned it to the guy at the bank, he asked “is it leaking?” This house is a year-old spec that never sold, and the bank now owns it.

I was there for a couple of minor things and spotted the saddle. Like I alluded to earlier, the plumber that did the house put in a stop for the humidifier right above it.

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Did you then tell him they are not allowed per the Illinois code? I had a bank say the same thing to me, I just said lets get the local plumbing inspector over to go over the whole plumbing system with a fine toothed comb then.

Discussion Starter #13 • Dec 5, 2009 (Edited) Oh yeah, that was earlier in the conversation. I was told it passed inspection, so it must be ok.

It was like beating my head against this glass table-top I'm sitting at now. Write it all up on an invoice, sign here, have a nice day.

Aside from the fact that saddles aren't legal, it kills me that someone could tighten that dam thing on ex, flatten it out like it is(hard to see in the pic) and think it's ok. How that ex has not split by now is kinda neat.

A few years ago I went to a customers house to see why their R.O. Whoever installed it had used a saddle valve on a nylon supply line.

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BTW that's not approved by any of our codes! Once the valve is attached to the water supply pipe by means of its saddle bracket, the sharp valve needle is then screwed down to puncture the wall of the pipe and tap its water supply.

Any plumber or building inspector will tell you that saddle valves are prone to leaking, and it's true. Plenty of saddle valves have worked reliably and leak-free for many years, but due to the mixed track record of these devices, it's best to use them only where they are completely visible and can be inspected periodically.

Never install a saddle valve where it is concealed inside a wall or floor cavity. A similarly DIY-friendly but more reliable alternative to a saddle valve is a push-fit tee connector designed for ice makers and water dispensers.

You install these by cutting out a short section of pipe and installing the tee right into the water line, then you add the small supply line leading to the appliance. If there is no shutoff valve that can turn off the pipe locally, turn off the water to the entire house at the main shutoff valve, then relieve pressure in the water lines by opening the lowest faucet in the house.

Make sure the water pipe is clean and smooth along the section where you will be attaching the valve. Fit the top and bottom brackets of the saddle valve around the water supply pipe and hold them in place.

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The rubber washer under the top bracket should compress slightly against the water pipe. With the saddle valve still in the off position (turned fully clockwise), turn on the water supply to the pipe, then check all around the saddle valve for leaks.

Open the saddle valve fully by turning the handle counterclockwise until it stops. The Best online strictly PLUMBING help, advice, dye, and informational forum.

Author: pack (MA) I recently did an installation and my local supply house carried a tee that was 5/8 × 5/8 × 1/4. The 1/4' branch had a ball valve molded into the plastic tee.

Author: mjb1962853 (NY) Cutting a Tee into Ex and adding a proper shutoff valve Author: nhmaster3015 (NH) Saddle valves of any type, used on any material are not allowed by the code.

Author: he (AZ) Even if codes DID allow them, who, other than handymen and appliance installers, would even consider using them? Please note: Inappropriate messages or blatant advertising will be deleted.

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Plbg.com has no control over external content that may be linked to from messages posted here. Plbg.com is strictly for the exchange of plumbing related advice and NOT to ask about pricing/costs, nor where to find a product (try Google), nor how to operate or promote a business, nor for ethics (law) and the like questions.

Plbg.com is also not a place to ask radiant heating (try HeatingHelp.com), electrical or even general construction type questions. The plumber that did my house did not leave any copper to connect it to on my hot water tank.

I have been told that -- in my neck of the woods -- saddle valves are no longer allowed. Mine is in an area where if it drips there is no big deal but if it would break there is a drain there.

The fittings cost a bit more than normal, but far less than buying a set of tools you may never use again. Pex A saddle valve works by poking a hole in the pipe.

With copper the hole is a distortion of the pipe and it remains after the needle is withdrawn. I would assume Ex, because it has a memory, would just close up the hole when you retracted the needle to turn the valve on.

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It was probably the heat guy.BTW, saddle valves are NOT APPROVED in the Nat Std. That there is a direct code violation.

And why is there a mixture of ex, and Mirabeau off to the left. __________________ Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future.

12-04-2009, 08:05 PM # 9 new nickname:Quaker State It was probably Sears after they delivered some ho a new refrigerator.

__________________ Charging less does not mean more call volume it just means you have to work harder to reach your goals. Last edited by Unclog NH; 12-04-2009 at 08:13 PM.

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