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Tech Questions

Tech Questions

Maria Johnson
• Wednesday, 03 March, 2021
• 8 min read

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts I work with a good friend at a HVAC company for his father.

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In the field our paper work is our main tool. I know that I could use a spreadsheet, and it would make things way more easy, but there’s so many of us switching around jobs picking up where the last left off.

It needs to be able to do the equations and be accessible from possibly multiple people on the same document at the same time. Please answer why my TV video lags 4-6 seconds behind the audio.

Hi, I accidentally bent my USB cable when it was plugged into my microphone, and now my PC alerts me of “USB port not getting enough power” and the mic won't turn on. How do you connect an RF amplifier chip up, what are some considerations for circuits working at 6 GHz, describe common functions like mixer, splitter, attenuated, amplifiers, RF measurements, test equipment like Network Analyzer and Spectrum Analyzer, Maxwell's equations, Lorentz force law.

Effective 10/15/2021 the repair facility based in Canada is currently closed for walk-in service. For all other support by phone in the United States and Canada please note that you may experience longer than usual hold times to reach a representative.

Interview A recruiter reached out to me on LinkedIn and seemed enthusiastic about recommending me for the role. Within a week I had a phone interview with the Manager (who'd be my boss).

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I felt that was very reflective of the Tesla work culture. Work your people like slaves and skip the personal relationships.

Anonymous Interview Candidate in Fremont, CA I moved on to the next round and spoke with 6 other employees, some by phone and some by video.

I interviewed with over 10 people over 5-6 weeks, I had positive feedback throughout the process, but then after an informal in person meeting I was rejected. Interview It takes about 1-2 months for the whole process. You will need to do character test, drug test, background check, after you're clear, you will ask to attend orientation for 3 days before employment.

Interview Background: 4 Years of experience as Software Engineer First round: Recruiter call for 30 minutes discussing my background and my expectations from next role. After test, recruiter contacted me in couple days asking me that they want to move forward.

But then I was handed off to another recruiter who works for team in Seattle. I was asked to come onsite in Fremont with some video interviews with folks in Seattle.

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Onsite consisted of 5 rounds: Chat with PM team fit style questions Lunch interview tech round data modelling question chat with manager team fit style questions tech round interviewer was in no mood for interview. Asked me some simple string manipulation question for the sake of it.

I cannot share any specific questions due to NDA. Continue Reading Interview Questions Mobility assessment: Minimum number of characters to delete from a string so that each character appears unique number of times.

Eg: “aaaabbbb” 1 “a" or 1"b” would make “a” and “b” appear unique number of times. Given number in binary form, if its even you can divide it by 2; if its odd you can subtract 1 from it.

I interviewed at Tesla (Fremont, CA) in Nov 2019 The person interviewed me was a designer who asked a lot of questions.

All told it was about 3.5 hours total while walking through the factory looking and talking about the equipment that I would be working on and the equipment I used to work on in the Navy. Continue Reading Interview Questions Mostly various questions about my specific work experience in the navy and how it would translate to working on the equipment in the factory.

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