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Tech Questions Reddit

Tech Questions Reddit

Paul Gonzalez
• Friday, 05 March, 2021
• 11 min read

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts I work with a good friend at a HVAC company for his father.

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We, as in all 20 employees, fill out lots of paperwork for each job. I know that I could use a spreadsheet, and it would make things way more easy, but there’s so many of us switching around jobs picking up where the last left off.

It needs to be able to do the equations and be accessible from possibly multiple people on the same document at the same time. Please answer why my TV video lags 4-6 seconds behind the audio.

I stopped using external drives around high school (~2010) because I was sick of files and videos and whatnot getting corrupted or unreadable in unpredictable ways. Ask the tech support Reddit, and try to help others with their problems as well.

Check out our Knowledge Base, all guides are compiled by our Trusted Techs. Please include your system specs, such as Windows/Linux/Mac version/build, model numbers, troubleshooting steps, symptoms, etc.

I'm on track to graduate a with an AAS in Network Administration in December at age 43. I've been looking into going on for a Bachelors because it's better, yes, you're more likely for promotions but the estimate for student loans when completed is around 65k + interest.

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For example, if employee A has a better mix of skills/certs, but holds no job longer than 1-2 years, whereas employee B doesn't have all the required skills, but held down previous job 3, 4+ years, which candidate would you prefer for an IT role? I'm a one-woman IT department for a clinic, which means I'm responsible for everything from changing toner and resetting passwords, to performing an annual HIPAA risk assessment, sending out awareness training, and configuring our routers/VMs.

BUT although my job duties touch a lot of aspects of IT, there are so many processes and tools that I don't use. I've been working alone for almost 6 years (I was fortunate to come into an environment that was already established), but no one taught me how to do anything (and if I leave, there will be no one to teach the next person), so I'm not using things like Wireshark, we don't have a ticketing system (it's called Gmail and my intercom number), etc.

Any who, I'm hoping to eventually move to infosec, but in the meantime, should I be calling myself something else? TLDR; I'm a one-person help desk, server administrator, desk side support, compliance officer.

We want to protect our users so please make sure you sanitize anything with personal information (name, company, location, etc.) This is not designed as an ingress point or marketing forum for external services.

Almost all the questions posted in this sub are some form of “what do I have to know/do to pass a tech interview/get a job.” Here's some distilled advice I can offer from having conducted over 1000 tech interviews.

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Linked Hash Map (this is very specific, but comes up a LOT in interviews) Data Structures come up in technical interviews in two-way.

Tree traversals (just memorize all of these in order, preorder, postorder, level order) I strongly recommend forcing yourself to pretend you're in an interview setting.

Before you write a single line of code, make sure that you validate with the interviewer that your approach is a good one. That long list of things you don't know that you keep telling yourself is ok because the stuff you don't know isn't actually important....well, it is.

Here's a list off the top of my head that I hear people say isn't important (but you really should know). I can't tell you how many people with 15+ years of experience lose their mind when I ask them tow write some code with me.

Learn your networking layers and what's responsible for what You don't need to know all the details of the protocols, but you should know some of them and that they exist. Learn some basic SQL and data modeling if the job you're applying for uses databases.

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A good mental exercise is to imagine yourself in an interview...”man, I hope they don't ask me about X.” The good news is, the things on this list usually are far easier to learn than you think they will be.

For the negative stories, finish up by talking about what you learned and how you'd approach the problem differently in the future. It's possible for a terrific candidate to get thrown to a bunch of shitty interviewers and not end up with a job (happens more than people like to talk about).

For the people just getting started, you aren't a fraud, we all know how little fresh college grads know, we factor that in to the ramp-up process. Don't Sell Past the Close To all you extroverts out there, I can't tell you how many times' someone's been just a bit too honest.

First (and really the main motivating factor in choosing to be nice), your performance is best reflected when you're relaxed. Freaking people out is expensive because some awesome engineers just freeze up when overly stressed in interviews (I've also found little correlation between interviewing-stress-paralysis and real-world-fire-drill-paralysis).

I'm nice because I don't want to exclude certain types of introverts from the hiring pool. The other reason I'm nice is because extroverted people think we're friends.

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Saying that you're a bit nervous and want to take a couple seconds to compose yourself (totally fine, don't be overly dramatic about it, though) I’m kind of embarrassed to ask this but thankfully the internet is almost anonymous.

The overwhelming answer seems like my question was dumb but only because typing quickly is not a requirement for the industry. Thank you all for your kind words, promising examples, and guidance.

I hope the rest of the people I encounter are as positive and helpful as you all are. So my tech lead and I decided to implement a more technical interview as a part of the hiring process.

Previously, a candidate went through 4 interviews of varying length, only one dealing with technical skills. Mostly I was asked about previous projects and a couple libraries and frameworks relevant to the team.

Another “developer” was hired as my coworker in the same fashion, but was fired after a month of showing obvious incapability. We interviewed developers who worked “10+ years” with Runs and Angular and couldn’t solve these problems.

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Yet, the developers we’ve interviewed haven’t been able to solve the problem at all. Edit: a lot of people have asked about the specific job requirements.

The job is for a senior developer who has a lot of experience with Angular2+ and Runs. The questions dealing with observable are very basic for anyone who has worked with the library for any amount of time.

Honestly, I’d expect someone who has read even a little Runs documentation to solve them. These questions aren’t meant to pinpoint how great a dev is, just establish a minimum bar for problem-solving.

A senior dev with ANY Runs experience should solve these in under 10 minutes (though they’re given an hour), leaving ample time for further technical discussion. I have always been fairly slow at completing tasks even in day-to-day life, partly due to poor focus but also that I simply process some things slowly.

I lose a lot of time to fixing bugs or thinking the best approach/structure to the code (sometimes this overwhelms me) I need to write. Edit: One of the reasons that I feel slow (outside poor focus/productivity) is because the other grad on the team is a talented programmer who can write good code quick, whereas it takes me a lot of research and/or planning to do the same.

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Even though I’ve worked for a year, I feel like I still need a lot of help in doing stuff, I don’t retain any information and I keep asking the same questions over and over again. At school, I graduated in the top 2% of our entire CS department.

(Also when I say work here I mean internships during the summer, spring and fall semesters) Since the pandemic started I have lost all motivation, I stay quiet during meetings, I zone out.

In fact, today during a meeting our PO was doing backlog refinement and I zoned out and all of a sudden he’s asking who wants to work on this story and I would usually say yes but pandemic me stayed quiet and my PO asked me if I could pick it up, and I said yes and idea what story I just picked up. I want to get out of this mess I created, it’s getting worse every day.

Warning, this is kinda long, I'm trying to give an overview of my current situation: After a somewhat problematic life that wasn't exactly going according to plan (depression, just barely graduated from school etc.

), I managed to finally do job training and get a formal career going. Back then, I was hired by my current employer through a state subsidy where the company only had to pay a couple bucks per month for me, while the rest came from the gov, so they had little risk in hiring me.

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It's pretty old and outdated by now, too expensive to replace, too spaghetti to migrate... So basically, I'm THE IT GUY in my company now, my “job trainer” can assist in case of emergency, but I'm mostly managing everything alone, doing both admin and programming work.

It feels like being on a sinking boat, constantly plugging holes. Everything is self-taught, I maintain and extend ancient (e.g. PHP5) legacy code, no frameworks etc.

I managed to pick up the following skills by myself in the past 4 years (very loosely ordered by skill): HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL/PostgreSQL, regex, vim, Python, Windows administration, Web hosting (Apache), Exchange, VMware, Linux administration, Firewalls We don't have a version control system, I don't know a lot about typical CS theory questions like algorithms and data structures, as I've never needed them so far...then there's the whole teamwork aspect, I've never coded in a team since I'm alone.

No “unit tests”, QA, scrum, agile, all of this stuff. But time doesn't fly for sure, I feel a bit bored sitting around here 8h every day.

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