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Maria Johnson
• Friday, 05 March, 2021
• 9 min read

Headquarters Regions European Union (EU) Founded Date 2016 Operating Status Active Frankfurt-based TechQuartier serves as a focal access point to the startup and FinTech community in the largest financial center in continental Europe.

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They are an international community, bringing together the greatest minds and talents from industry and academia. Providers, investors, academic institutions and government officials, they offer an ideal environment for ambitious entrepreneurs to trade ideas and scale their businesses.

With several floors of modern workspace, including private offices, meeting rooms and event space, TechQuartier is the best place to start and grow your business. They invite startups from Frankfurt Rhine-Main and international companies to set up their office in Europe’s financial headquarters.

Where the organization is headquartered (e.g. San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley) International, experienced & passionate about exploring the new & shaping the frontiers of a humanized startup society.

On August 26, 2019, Hesse’s leading startup and business advocates gathered at… Have the chance to pitch your idea in front of real investors at the Impact Festival.

Application deadline: TODAY, Jan 21 More info: Link in bio #impact#challenge#cchallenge acceptedearth#sustainability#aAImmachine learningentrepreneurship#tTQ techquartier See More N26 former CTO Christian Bernie and startup innovator Dr. Thomas F...nuke are joining forces to build Tomorrow’s Education with the goal of changing modern education Tomorrow’s Education is launching its first program in partnership with the WU Executive Academy of the WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business).

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Are you ready to challenge yourself and work in an international tea..’m to create a solution for a world that utterly needs it? In this 5-week program you will create a business case and learn all about sustainability, coding and entrepreneurship.

#entrepreneur#entrepreneurship#social#environment#coding#aAIsustainability#startup#fFrankfurterMore Have the chance to pitch your idea in front of real investors at the Impact Festival.

Are you ready to challenge yourself and work in an international tea..’m to create a solution for a world that utterly needs it? In this 5-week program you will create a business case and learn all about sustainability, coding and entrepreneurship.

Are you ready to challenge yourself and work in an international team to create a solution for a world that utterly needs it? Though still relatively new themselves, the world’s top fintech labs are helping startups, banks and governments devise fresh solutions and uncover untapped opportunities.

This era of unprecedented technological advancement presents financial institutions with both opportunities and challenges. Easier cross-border payment systems enable faster business but increase security risks.

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Most fintech labs are relatively young, launched within the past five years, so we further narrowed the list to labs with some track record of successful startup “graduates.” Then we dove even more deeply, considering metrics such as the strength of each hub’s ecosystem of partners and supporters and the extent to which it provides funding or access to funders. The 25 hubs that emerged from this process as Global Finance magazine’s Best Financial Innovation Labs 2019 all strive to develop and deploy new technologies to better serve B2B banking customers, increase profits, improve compliance efforts, improve security and reduce infrastructure costs.

Some are run by banks, others by venture capital (VC) firms or economic development agencies and independent organizations. Jo erg Land sch, Deutsche Bank’s head of Innovation for the Americas, believes that the most successful innovation centers balance “real-life opportunities today with the possibilities of tomorrow.” While he envisions a time when quantum computing will radically alter banking, he seems equally excited about a recent innovation that helps Deutsche Bank better handle the truckloads of paper regularly delivered to its document custody center.

After studying the problem, Deutsche Bank Innovation Labs reached out to startups specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic automation. Working with the bank’s business, technology and operations arms, the lab assessed several solutions before settling on one offered by the New York City–based Confusion.

After five sessions focusing on an array of fintech offerings, Accelerator Frankfurt will now concentrate on this dispersed-ledger technology, the underpinning of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. “With blockchain, we’re going to see big new possibilities open up in real estate, in art, in technology.

An innovation lab is a co-working space that typically offers startups mentoring, education and support from corporate partners. These programs seek to help participants develop breakthrough solutions for entrenched problems.

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A startup accelerator operates much like an innovation lab, but it also seeks to speed the time to market for a product or service. These programs connect startups to investment opportunities and also provide mentorship and marketing support.

The accelerator concentrates on fintech innovation in the fields of cybersecurity, AI, wealth management, investment banking, big data and cryptocurrency. Based in São Paulo, BTG Actual is the largest investment bank in Latin America.

Areas of interest include machine learning, analytics, the internet of things (IoT) and blockchain. While boost does not offer funding, investments are sometimes negotiated between startups, BTG Actual and other interested parties.

City Innovation Labs are located in Ireland, England, Israel, Singapore and Mexico. Powered by AI, the Jobs Intelligence Maestro helps automate the hiring process, shortlisting candidates for in-person interviews.

Deutsche Bank’s five innovation labs are located in Europe, Asia and North America. Andrew Dominick, head of the RBL_START innovation center, thinks people don’t need banks anymore.

macher unterschied gmbh schreckenbach hentschel elke simon interview welcome uum
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Nonetheless, Dominick, who is Avior’s chief Innovation officer, believes banks are giving way to innovative financial and insurance platforms that can help to virtually and more conveniently connect both businesses and consumers to the financial products and services they need. In 2019, RBL_START plans to work with companies operating in the fields of data analytics, customer engagement and security improvement.

Companies receive mentoring from Avior Bank and RBL_START partner PSU, the largest insurer in Poland. They also have access to the bank’s developer portal and a sandbox environment designed to help companies align their products with EU regulatory requirements.

Selected businesses develop proofs of concept for possible implementation in banking or insurance. In addition to PSU, partners include the Warsaw Stock Exchange, IBM, Mastercard, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft.

In its nearly five years of operation, the Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator has received 2,000 applications from companies in more than 50 countries. The six-month accelerator connects startups with a global network of business mentors, venture capitalists and financial executives.

Areas of concentration include process automation, smart decision-making, big data and analytics, cybersecurity, trade finance platforms and alternate credit decision-making. Instead, they gather innovators from within the financial institution’s ranks to design new fintech products and services.

(Source: berlinvalley.com)

Labs build fintech products and services designed to advance Capital One business. Projects include improving fraud detection and building a platform to simplify the modeling processes needed for machine learning.

Together, Fidelity Labs’ product managers, designers, developers and engineers identify emerging opportunities for the bank. The PayPal Innovation Lab operates in four cities: Singapore; San Jose, California; Scottsdale, Arizona; and Chennai, India.

Since PayPal caters to SMEs, the lab works to develop solutions requiring a deep technical expertise that smaller businesses often don’t have in-house. To generate and implement fintech products and services, PayPal Innovation Lab collaborates with local universities for research and development.

It partners with trade associations, chambers of commerce and other organizations to run fintech-centered workshops for SMEs. These VC firms fund innovative fintech startups and scale-ups, using networks and savvy as well as money to boost long-term prospects for success.

Accelerator Frankfurt is a VC and private equity firm offering a four-month, go-to-market program for B2B fin techs, along with startups operating in the fields of cybersecurity and insurance, among others. Co-founder Ram Sham says startups are chosen based on the stated needs of Accelerator Frankfurt’s broad network of banking contacts.

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Its aim is to scale those companies’ products and services beyond Germany to the greater European, then global, banking marketplace. It is operated by the publicly listed Venture Group in conjunction with Luis's Guido Carl University.

About €11 million of this has come directly from Venture Group, which seeds each startup completing the accelerator with an investment of up to €145,000. The rest has come from other VC firms and angel investors that LUIS Labs has connected to its startups.

Its goal is to help fintech companies leverage Santander Indentures’ brand, network and know-how to grow their businesses. Accelerator programs last for three months, during which time startups collaborate with a network of partners, mentors and investors.

Investor partners for fintech programs include Visa, HSBC Mexico, Deloitte, Cisco, Pride Capital and AWS. Startupbootcamp’s fintech accelerators operate in locations that include Amsterdam, Mexico City, Cairo, Melbourne and Dubai.

Focus areas include privacy and GDPR compliance, authentication, asset and wealth management, blockchain and cybersecurity. Areas of concentration include AI, cybersecurity, blockchain, open banking APIs and big data.

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Synchrony helps financial services and insurance companies implement digital transformation strategies. According to its corporate website, the company earns more than US$500 million in annual revenue and employs about 8,000 people.

Its Finals component consists of 12 labs globally and a partner ecosystem including powerhouses such as Microsoft. Specific areas of concentration include client prospecting, know-your-customer compliance, blockchain use for margin calls and international payment systems.

FinTech Innovation Lab is a business development organization based in New York, with additional programs in London, Hong Kong and Cairo. The innovation lab provides startups with 12-week programs, enabling them to collaborate with and receive product feedback from business executives and leading financial institutions.

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