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James Smith
• Monday, 21 December, 2020
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On Nov. 3, Soon Woo Won stayed up late watching the news, eager to find out the results of the first American election he voted in. Won is one of Georgia’s roughly 140,000 Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAI) voters who turned out in record numbers in the 2020 presidential election.

Voter groups and Democratic campaigns alike are scrambling to ensure that Georgia’s AAI population turns up to the polls a second time. Though turnout was strong for the 2020 election, AAI communities have not historically been prioritized by politicians, researchers say.

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(Source: www.americanprogress.org)

“For as long as we’ve collected data on this, it has been the case that AAI eligible voters are less likely to have been contacted by a campaign or candidate than others,” says Taegu Lee, a political science professor at the University of California, Berkeley. That has real consequences when it comes to participation, says Brad Jenkins, former Obama White House Associate Director and co-founder of the RUN AAI political advocacy group.

These misconceived views are especially hard to shake, “when the inner circles of campaigns do not reflect the diversity in the electorate, as has been the case too often in the past,” he adds. In an effort to galvanize young AAI voters across the country before this year’s general election, Jenkins launched #Then campaign with actor Chloe Bennett, hosting text banks and circulating voting information on social media.

AAI voters are not a monolith; the umbrella term accounts for more than 30 different ethnic subgroups and reflects a wide range in cultural practices, native languages, values and political inclinations. Organizers say as the broader group’s political clout grows, outreach to its members will need to get more focused.

“Across the board, runoffs in Georgia have a awful track record of turnout, ” says the Asian American Advocacy Fund’s Mahmoud. Despite some groups’ efforts, only half of AAI voters in Georgia’s 7th congressional district had access to election material in an Asian language they spoke in November, according to an election-week poll that Lee conducted.

“ Language access is a seemingly small and simple way to ensure participation, but for too many AAI registered voters, it remains elusive,” he says. Both Democratic candidates Jon Scoff and Raphael Warlock have campaign staff dedicated to AAI outreach.

(Source: www.aliexpress.com)

Warlock’s campaign has released in- language ads in Chinese, Korean and South Asian media outlets, and hosted several events and rallies for AAI voters. Scoff’s campaign cited Stacey Abrams, who hired a dedicated staff member to reach out to the AAI community during her 2018 run for governor, as a source of inspiration for reaching out to lower propensity voters in communities of color, whatever their voting history.

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