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Unaccounted for Horse Pedigree UNACCOUNTED FOR (USA) b. H, 1991 {25} DP = 4-5-11-0-2 (22) DI = 1.93 CD = 0.41 – 17 Starts, 6 Wins, 4 Places, 2 Shows Career Earnings: $998,468 Owner : 1) Morten Stud; 2) TJK (Jockey Club of Turkey) Breeder : Derry Meeting Farm & Brushwood Stable State Bred : PA Winnings : 17 Starts: 6 – 4 - 2, $998,468Jim Dandy S. (G2,9F,D), Whitney H. (G1,9F,D) Foaled March 12, 1991, Trainer: Flint S. (Scotty) Schulhofer (Of) At stud: Lane's End KY 1998-01 2002: standing at Katakana Pension Stud in Turkey.

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I) winner who had a successful stud career in Turkey, died May 29 in that country due to the effects of progressive ethmoid hematoma, according to the Turkish Jockey Club. Progressive ethmoid hematoma is a locally destructive mass of nasal passages and paranasal sinuses of uncertain etiology, according to the Merck Veterinary Manual.

After beginning his stud career at William S. Parish's Lane's End Farm near Versailles, Ky., Unaccounted For was purchased by the Turkish Jockey Club and began standing in Turkey in 2002. The Turkish Jockey Club reported Unaccounted For's best offspring included Turkish group I winners Mystical Storm and Dermis Age, as well as the additional graded/group winners Grandnephew, Quick Tip, Ozarks, Gleeful, Chi, Tends, Buenos Aires, My Sea, Don't Stop Me, Atalanta, Murray, Pacifica, Tonya, Bankroll, Lady Liz, and Midas Touch.

A considerable number of animals used in experiments do not get reported because the results of the studies didn’t find anything noteworthy, or aren’t deemed interesting enough. CALMEST SINGH CHALK: Most animals used in biomedical experiments are not accounted for in published papers, a first-of-its-kind study suggests.

The analysis found that only one-quarter of more than 5500 lab animals used over a 2-year period at one university in the Netherlands ended up being mentioned in a scientific paper afterward. But many academics argue that such “negative” results are important and worth publishing, and that failing to do so constitutes publication bias.

Maverick was set to join the mounted patrol unit at Dolphin Mall and participate in community events. Investigators searching for Maverick received a tip that led them to the home of a former city employee, where the horse was found, police say.

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Floodwaters hit the ranch of Ed and Nancy Well ham on Monday. Jerri Self said she called her parents, Ed and Nancy Well ham, on Sunday night to warn them to prepare their 13 horses housed in two barns and pastures on their 60-acre ranch in Powder Springs, Georgia, half an hour northwest of Atlanta.

On Sunday night, Self's parents, Ed, 60, and Nancy, 59, made sure the horses were in the barns or on high ground and then went to sleep, she said. After he opened the door and 3 feet of water flooded into the apartment, he called the Well hams and told them the horses needed to be moved.

The other horses remained on two acres of flooded pasture near Sweetwater Creek, and the family went back to the house, she said. A neighbor said the creek had risen at the rate of 1 foot every 20 minutes.

At noon Monday, they found that two of the mares had swum through the woods and made it to high ground. The Well hams, who moved to the area in the early 1980s, use their land to grow and sell hay and breed horses.

“My dad has lots of equipment: tractors, hay balers,” Self said. Holy field's challenge comes after 54-year-old Tyson dominated Roy Jones Jr, 51, in an exhibition fight on Saturday in Los Angeles that was ruled a draw.

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Calling the bout with Jones Jr “a tune-up” Holy field taunted Tyson, urging him to give the world the fight they want to see. Mansion reportedly drew interest from a couple of other teams early in the second round but rejected them to land with the Warriors.

The Athletic reports the Ravens weren't comfortable playing the Steelers without practice or conditioning. We're tracking every notable free agent signing in the 2020-21 MLB off season and giving you the details on the deal.

The Clippers signed point guard Reggie Jackson to a one-year contract and waived center Oakum Noah, according to multiple people with knowledge of the moves not authorized to speak publicly on the matters. During an appearance on Complex's 'Load Management' podcast, The Athletic's Shams Charlie revealed that the Warriors were interested in trading for Harden.

At the running back position, Cam Makers clocked in a decent performance last week. The wide receiver and tight end positions continue to thin out as this season drags on.

Luka Ionic's first experience with the playoffs ended with questions about whether Marcus Morris of the Los Angeles Clippers was intentionally trying to hurt the young Dallas sensation in a first-round series won by LA. Dallas acquired James Johnson and his black belt in karate from Oklahoma City in a three-team trade after using the club's first-round draft choice at No.

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As a rookie for the Seattle Supersonic in 1989, Shawn Kemp was a victim of Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird's ruthless trash-talk. Kylie Irving caught the attention of many when he took a break from getting ready for 2020-21 to hop on Kevin Durant's podcast.

Not only does this make it impossible for someone like me to cross-confirm, it keeps the names and faces of the dead safely secreted away. The database has acknowledged restrictions: Only those who perish “as a direct result of injuries sustained participating in a race” are counted.

And, the death must come “within 72 hours of race,” leaving the many who are euthanized back at the farm, post unsuccessful surgery, or after being acquired by a rescue unaccounted for. In the end, The Jockey Club is American Thoroughbred racing, impossible to separate from the other interested parties.

Second-place finisher Eight Belles in the middle of the pack during the Kentucky Derby in 2008. (Reuters)Truth is, the “Equine Injury Database” is but a marketing tool, created in the wake of Eight Belles and all the bad press that ensued, existing solely to quell an increasingly unsettled public with an empty promise of “we’re on this, we care.” They’re not and they don’t.

Vivian Farrell.20+ Yr Insider commented: “When a horse breaks down or is pulled up due to injury in a race, they will at all means transport the horse off the track, and put it down in the barn area. Eight Belles falls to her chest as she fractures both front legs after crossing the finish line in the 2008 running of the Kentucky Derby.

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