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The song is about frontman Anthony Kinds and the period in his life when he walked around Los Angeles sad and very alone, finding solace in the streets and hills and the wind…. Thinking about his dead friend and Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Hillel Slovak, and the heroin overdose that claimed him.

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This song almost never happened, Kinds was reluctant to express what he felt and didn’t feel it would fit the band’s style. WHEN THE HORSE IS CO-OPERATING: I cannot stress enough that when a horse is relaxed and compliant, a good quality, well fitted rope halter will not cause any discomfort at all, and will hardly be noticed by your horse...though we are not talking about cheap and nasty itchy nylon here folks with the rock solid nose knots, as sold by most tack stores...we are talking about our premium quality Professional NATURAL RIDER EUROPE HALTER and the likes.....as they offer comfort, as well as provide softness against your horses face, and are easy to wear, being virtually weightless at just a few hundred grams per halter.

ROPE HALTER CONSEQUENCES: Now if your horse pushes or pulls into pressure with a rope halter, the strategically placed nose knots will make it uncomfortable for the horse to do that....along with the slender rope width, which also makes it uncomfortable, again ONLY if the horse is resisting, so there is a consequence of this type of undesirable behavior.......and because horses are such smart cookies, along with the handler offering the immediate release of pressure when they stop pushing into this pressure, they work out pretty quickly that being compliant is the most comfortable option for them..... Now again we aren't talking pain or nerve damage here as can happen with hard, cheap rope halters.....we are talking about just being uncomfortable if they are leaning into the halter from the nose knots, when using one of our NATURAL RIDER PROFESSIONAL HALTERS...a bit like it would be for us sitting on a walnut on a wooden chair...and this would only happen when the horse was pushing against the halter. Traditional Greek food, wine and spirits being served with the integrity of pure flavor and style of our country.

We further our dedication to this mission by featuring only all natural, antibiotic-free ingredients on our menu. Apart from Greek classics, octopus will be served as Nagasaki, spanakopita will be prepared ‘à la Blanca’ with homemade fall dough, and lamb will be oven roasted with artichokes and herbs.

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Headgear without a bit that uses a nose band to control a horse is called a sycamore, or, in some areas, a witless bridle. There are many designs with many name variations, but all use a nose band that is designed to exert pressure on sensitive areas of the animal's face to provide direction and control.

The cheek pieces run down the sides of the horse's face. The bridle consists of the following elements: It is the main strap that holds the remaining parts of the bridle in place.

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It prevents the bridle from sliding behind the poll onto the upper neck, and holds multiple headstalls together when a caves son or second bit is added, and holds the throat latch in place on designs where it is a separate strap. In certain sports, such as dressage and Saddle seat, decorative brow bands are sometimes fashionable.

It is often used to keep the animal's mouth closed, or to attach other pieces or equipment, such as martingales. Because it has a separate headstall (also called slip head), a caves son can be adjusted with greater precision; a nose band that is simply attached to the same cheek pieces that hold the bit cannot be raised or lowered.

In Saddle seat riding, the caves son is often brightly colored and matches the brow band. Frontera, a strap running from the brow band to the nose band, primarily seen on bridles of certain South American designs.

Reins are often laced, braided, have stops, or are made of rubber or some other tacky material to provide extra grip. On a double bridle, where the horse carries two bits (a curb and small snaffle, often called a bit and Brandon “), a second, smaller headstall, known as a 'Brandon hanger' or ‘slip head’ is used to attach the Brandon.

Provides no leverage, but because open-faced bridles have no caves son to prevent the horse from gaping its mouth open, it prevents the bit rings from being pulled through the mouth if strong pressure is applied. Serves to stabilize the bit, prevent a lasso or other object from being caught on the shanks.

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Over checks are also sometimes used on riding horses, especially ponies, to keep them from grazing while being ridden by a small child who may lack the physical strength or skill to raise the animal's head up. It is a basic bridle that carries one bit and usually has one set of reins.

Double bridles are usually only seen used in upper level dressage, in Saddle seat riding, and for showing in certain other events that require formal attire and equipment. The crown piece, brow band and throat latch are all sewn onto a ring near the horse's ears on each side of the head.

Gag bridle : a bridle with rounded cheek pieces that pass through the top and bottom holes in the bit ring of a gag bit and attach directly to the reins. Tension on the reins rotates the bit and slides it up the cheek pieces and into the corners of the lips.

They are often seen in polo, rodeo speed events, and occasionally show jumping. A sycamore, put simply, is headgear that controls a horse via pressure points on the face, usually with a nosepiece instead of a bit.

Witless bridles are similar to sycamores, but some designs use different leverage principles for control. Sycamores and witless bridles use a headstall with reins attached to some type of nose band or nosepiece.

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English riders sometimes use a jumping caves son or “jumping sycamore” that is basically a leather side pull nose band reinforced internally with a cable, with rein rings attached. The so-called mechanical sycamore or “sycamore bit” is basically a hybrid bridle /sycamore made up of a nose band with shanks and a curb strap or chain that can put considerable leverage on the jaw and poll.

One common design connects the reins to a loop that passes from the nose band, under the jaw, and up around the poll, returning on the opposite side back under the jaw to the nose band and out to the other rein. Some riders, not realizing that a horse's head overall is a very sensitive area, use a noseband-based style of headgear without the same caution they might use with a bit, thus defeating any benefit that an apparently milder form of gear would otherwise provide.

The most visible difference is that they usually include partial eye coverings called blinders, blinkers or winkers that restrict the horse's peripheral vision. They are stitched into the cheek pieces of a driving bridle and sometimes bear a monogram or badge.

Winkers may be square, reshaped, hatchet-shaped, or round, and are adjusted to fit clear of the center of the horse's eye. The nose band is fitted into the bridle so has a certain amount of action, and is not on a separate headstall (also called slip head) as is a caves son.

Harness bridles may feature a fancy brow band, rosettes, and other ornamentation. The reins can be attached in any of the three slots along the shanks, resulting in a snaffle or curb action as required.

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This arrangement is designed to prevent rein pressure interfering with the position of the winkers. The length of each piece of the bridle needs to be individually adjusted to fit the horse's head.

The sizes may have different names, but in the USA and Canada they are often called “cob” and “horse” for small and large animals, sometimes with “pony”, “mini”, “warm blood” and “draft” sizes in some designs. The bit and brow band are of set lengths and must be selected in the correct size.

One that is slightly too wide can be narrowed to some extent by adding a pair of bit guards. The cheek pieces are adjusted not only so that the bit avoids the extremes of pulling the corners of the horse's mouth or banging the horse's incisors, but also, so it hangs properly in the mouth for the specific riding discipline and a bit design involved.

The adjustment of the nose band depends on the type used, but needs to be snug enough to be effective, yet loose enough to avoid discomfort. If a horse must be tied to an object, a halter should be placed under or over the bridle, and the cross-ties should be attached to halter rings rather than the bitt is unsafe to tie a horse using a bridle for two main, seemingly contradictory, reasons.

First, if the tied animal pulls back on the bridle, the bit or controlling nose band (such as a basal or mechanical sycamore) may cause considerable pain or even injury to the mouth, tongue, or other facial structures of the animal even if the bridle breaks. Second, compared to halters, most bridles are made of thin leather which will easily break under pressure.

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In addition, tying with a slipknot that can be released by pulling on the end of the lead rope is a key safety tactic. Historically, it was a useful skill if a rider had to momentarily dismount and perform a task that required both hands (such as removing brush or fixing a fence) in a remote area where tying was impracticable.

A rope, cord, or strap with a noose or head-stall, by which horses or cattle are led or fastened up.” Oxford English Dictionary, online edition ^ Miller, Robert M. and Rick Lamb.

Mr Bob’s Under the Bridge fosters a community of dignity, compassion and friendship by providing necessities such as clothing and hygiene products to the homeless and those who need support in Milwaukee and the surrounding community. Not only does our truck allow us to help our friends at different locations, but our four-stall shower trailer can also follow the outreach truck to offer a safe and relaxing place to bathe.

Items such as clothes, hygiene kits, and snacks are distributed at each location. By providing our time and energy, we make a positive impact on our friends' lives.

It takes many kind and generous people to make Mr. Bob's succeed. Your generosity and support are crucial to our ability to serve our friends.

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Donations come in many forms, from dropping off our old items at our Thursday night sorting to donating your time volunteering at a Saturday morning outreach. We hope that anyone who believes in Mr. Bob's mission would spend their time volunteering with us.

Mr. Bob's Under the Bridge is a 501c(3) outreach organization serving the homeless community in Milwaukee and surrounding areas.

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